Basic System

Weight-loss Starter


A fantastic beginning for your weight-loss goals! The Shape360X™ system includes one month’s supply of:

  • Rich Milk Chocolate Shake
  • BlocksDAY™ lunchtime supplement
  • BlocksEVE™ dinnertime supplement
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This powerhouse combination of Shape360X products really delivers: They’re designed to boost energy, control appetite, aid weight loss, and suppress the urge to binge. Enjoy about one month’s supply of:

  • Rich Milk Chocolate Shake—A delicious Shake for breakfast or lunch (or both!) helps feed muscle and starve fat.
  • BlocksDAY™ (lunchtime)—Proprietary blend of natural ingredients, including caffeine, and new Chromax®, specially formulated to help suppress appetite and help you feel fuller.
  • BlocksEVE™ (dinnertime)—Proprietary blend includes natural diuretic uva ursi, plus a special potato protein and Chromax®.

Built to support and act in synergy with each other, these exclusive product formulas unite to provide the optimal atmosphere to help you feel and look fantastic.

Get ready for the Shape360X difference!