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Your Story Could Be Worth $1,000


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90-Day Challenge Information

The only thing better than looking and feeling your best is a chance at winning $1,000 for sharing your story! It’s simple to enter:

Everyone’s got a smartphone, and every smartphone has a camera. Put yours to good use and take your first Shape360X selfie—your “before” picture—today! (Upload it here, and we’ll save it for you.)

Next, start your Shape360X weight-loss journey, and see where you stand after 90 days. Submit your “after” picture, and we’ll present your story to our distinguished judges, and the person with the most amazing results will win the $1,000 prize!

Of course, being a winner will require that we share with everyone on our website your before and after photo results! But your personal weight will never be mentioned.



The Shape360X™ Weight-loss System

Step 1 - Shape360X Shake for breakfast

It’s tasty, it’s simple, and it gives your body what it needs to start your day right.

And check out the Recipe & Workouts downloadable PDF for ideas on how to make new Shake flavors!

Step 2 - Sensible snack around mid-morning

Variety is the spice of life—and it’s a difference-maker when eating well. The Recipe & Workouts downloadable PDF has some fantastic suggestions for your daily meals and snacks.

Step 3 - BlocksDAY™ about 30 min. before lunchtime, then have a Shape360X Shake for lunch

This is the dynamic duo you’ve been searching for: The right kind of cravings-blocker followed by the right kind of nutrition—everything your body needs to FEED MUSCLE and STARVE FAT!

Step 4 - Smart snack at mid-afternoon

Just as with the mid-morning snack, the mid-afternoon snack keeps your metabolism purring and keeps your body humming.

Step 5 - BlocksEVE™ with 16 oz of water, then enjoy a healthy & sensible dinner

Your body will “fine-tune” itself all day long, so about 30 minutes after you’ve taken your BlocksEVE, your evening meal is an ideal time to make your daytime decisions count.

Check the Recipes & Workouts downloadable PDF for more great suggestions for great-tasting meals and snacks.

Step 6 - Move that body!

Whether you’re starting out with low-impact or prepping for a 5K, the idea is to get yourself moving. Early morning, mid-day, after the kids are in bed—it doesn’t matter when you work out or where, just that you do it!

Our Recipes & Workouts downloadable PDF has some great activities you can do in your home, at a park, or anywhere you feel comfortable.